Healthcare industry has been one of the early adopters of enterprise mobility with mobile devices and apps significantly contributing towards improvement in every aspect of healthcare. Healthcare mobility solutions are playing an excellent role in solving some of the major challenges faced by the industry today including rising costs, fast-changing regulatory environment, increasing error-rates, decreasing profitability, and demand for quality healthcare.

Mobile health which started-off with simple services like call centers, getting doctor appointments, alerts etc., over the phone, has over the years, widened its scope covering a major part of healthcare processes.It’s not only smartphone users who are keen to use healthcare apps but doctors too are eager to leverage mobile technology into their day-to-day tasks.

Some of our work includes:

  1. Algorithm development
  2. Mobile App development
  3. Gamification in Healthcare
    • Cognitive and Emotional Health
    • Participatory Health
    • Active Gaming and Fitness (Motion Gaming)
    • Rehabilitation Games
    • Medical Training
  4. Web portal development

HealthCursor is a prominent offshore outsourcing firm providing IT in various fields. In addition to other fields our dedicated and experienced professionals are keen at providing wide range of clinical applications for health care organizations based on verified technologies and methodologies, industry best practices and unique requirements of your company.