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Jugaadathon- A Great experience!

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I was recently at the GE Jugaadathon event organised by CAMTECH and GE at the silicon valley of India, i.e. Bangalore. The theme was “Maternal and Child Health” and I was leading the event on Twitter with GE’s twitter handle and at the event site where some of the best minds collaborated over 48 hours to build some of the most disruptive solutions for the cause. This hackathon got further support from USAID, OMIDYAR network and BACCA foundation. Read More

mHealth has great potential in India because of growing mobile penetration in the country.

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A recent report by India Mobile 2010, shuns TRAI for claiming a base of 621.28 million mobile subscribers at the end of March this year.India is without doubt the fastest growing telecom market in the world, but it had only 304 million subscribers at the end of May this year, according to a report by Juxt Consult. While Juxt survey measures and reports both the mobile users (subscribers) and mobile connections (subscriptions, ie who take new connections), TRAI data reports only the mobile connections, (which it mistakenly calls ‘subscribers’). Read More

Smartphones will drive revenue for all stakeholders in the next 5 years.

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Recent quote: “In the years to come, mHealth applications will be distributed primarily through healthcare distribution channels like hospitals and specialized healthcare product vendors and not the app stores as is currently the case, and that traditional will become the predominant distribution channel.”(Source: research2guidance)

Well this sounds promising. However, we all know that the success of a mHealth business model doesn’t depend on the distribution channel but on what you give for the money you take and in turn sustainability of that service”. Read More

The Success of DrSMS in Kerala, India

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The World of “Speed- Living”! as simple, easy and compact as a mobile phone. Reminds me of Aircel’s popular advertisement “Pocket main Rocket hai”…

I think”pocket main Rocket hai” is the right definition of Mhealth today! Many mobile projects struggle with scale and impact. While a mobile health project may run well with a small number of patients in one hospital, expanding the scope of a project until it is large enough to have real impact takes money, time, and widespread support of key stakeholders in a given community. Read More


Affordable Best Services in Healthcare- India Perspective

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After spending 20 days on-ground with PHCs and while supporting some of the major initiatives in India, I was tempted to do some cut-throat analysis. I realized that 25% of the total Income generated in India is in the hands of mere 100 rich families. What’s more! this huge gap is increasing day by day. After independence, the valley has only widened up between the rich and the poor and the growth that we envisage is still miles away from the hands of a common man. Read More

No Big data in Healthcare?

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The big data revolution is here, on an aggressive growth path, and the patient might truly be the biggest beneficiary of next wave. But hey! Where is that data?

1. More than 65% of data across the globe stay non-digitized.

2. 68% of digitized data isn’t integrated with channels or inter-operable systems.

3. 99% problem in delivering effective healthcare is in bad data, old data and No data. Read More

Digital Strategy for Healthcare Marketing

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