Successful multi-sector global health programs engage partners and policymakers early, communicate openly and frequently with relevant stakeholders, and empower and involve communities. HealthCursor is a part of mHealth Alliance, the largest alliance on mHealth in the world funded by UN (United Nations).

National Health systems- Healthcare spending continues to grow rapidly, making it difficult to expand access to quality care. We support healthcare transformation efforts around the world, working with national health systems, nongovernmental organizations, and global public health partners to set strategic priorities, design effective systems, build capabilities, and implement innovative and cost-effective delivery models.

Strategy Insights

Mobile App is making registrations and tracking in Healthcare possible.  

Case study of Melghat- the malnutrition capital of India. Thousands of kids die every year in the tribal area of Melghat (Maharashtra, India) due to lack of medical attention and nutritional support. Increased incidence and rapid spread of infectious diseases such as pneumonia, typhoid, and dysentery are primary cause of high child mortality. Situation worsens during monsoon when the food supplies are low and the communicable diseases are at their peak.Read More>>

The Success of DrSMS in Kerala, India

KSITM took this initiative to launch DR SMS in Kerala, aimed at improving health of the citizens of Kerala by improving access to health care resources by making available authentic information, providing timely information on medical and diagnostic facilities and providing informational alerts about emerging diseases. Read More>>