We at HealthCursor work across the length and breadth of Healthcare. From Telecom providers to Pharma; Payers and Providers all come along to bring the best innovations to action.


Government/Development Organisations

We support healthcare transformation efforts around the world, working with national health systems, nongovernmental organizations, and global public health partners to set strategic priorities, design effective systems, build capabilities, and implement innovative and cost-effective delivery models.

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Medical Devices and Advanced Medical Technology

HealthCursor helps healthcare organizations design and implement business-driven technology solutions that provide instantaneous access to patient and clinical information.

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Payers and Providers

HealthCursor helps healthcare providers transform their clinical operations to improve quality and reduce costs. Healthcare providers focus on clinical excellence, with patients paying more attention to healthcare quality metrics and Payors offering incentives and penalties tied to clinical performance.

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Pharma and Biotech

The Technology Driven data channels offers a key opportunity for pharma companies to restructure their sales and marketing model, improving their relationships with physicians and increasing compliance among patients.

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System Integrators/IT / Semiconductors/VLSI design

HealthCursor works with semiconductor companies to define, design and visualise affordability, quality, portability and durability in complex medical and lab procedures.

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HealthCursor has worked with Orange, Airtel, Vodafone and other large telcos in the world to define regional offerings and bring inorganic growth.

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