HEALTHCURSOR is the exclusive knowledge partner to CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) and Eli Lilly for the NATIONAL NCD Summit, New Delhi July 7-9th, 2013 New Delhi

Realizing the increasing need for a multi sectoral partnership in management of NCDs, Eli Lilly and Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) supported by Indian Council of Medical research (ICMR), HealthCursor Consulting Group and Ministry of Health’s NPCDCS cell, took a lead in organizing the first National NCD summit, on Jun 7th and 8th in New Delhi, with a theme of “strengthening policies for Diabetes Care”. By building a platform that facilitates cross learning and dialogues amongst multi stakeholders, initiative intended to achieve the following objectives:


  • Strengthening the policies drafted for prevention and treatment of Diabetes in India
  • Identifying interventions and best practices to reduce mortality and morbidity due to Diabetes
  • Sensitization  and capacity building around NCDs
  • Exploring PPP opportunities to complement the ongoing initiatives on NCDs in country.

A white paper was compiled as an outcome of a series of 5 state level round tables and scores of in-depth interviews of government and non-government stakeholders, highlighting the differing strengths, weaknesses and priorities of these states.

The white paper:

  • Encapsulates best practices and suggestions from a diverse range of experts engaged in public health in the NCD domain
  • Helps strengthen the Diabetes component of the NPCDCS program
  • Reflects on real life situation in the field
  • Serves as a ready reckoner for planning and implementing diabetes management intervention.

Recommendations suggested in the paper are in accordance with the government of India’s strategic framework to manage Diabetes under NPCDCS and intended to complement the existing policies and strategies. So it is an extremely useful tool in the hands of policy makers, program managers, healthcare providers, and other agencies working in Non Communicable Diseases, like you.

National White Paper- Insights from Multi Stakeholder Consultation – Management & Care of Diabetes in India” was released by Dr. Sayeda Hameed, Member, Planning Commission on June 7-8th June in New Delhi during National NCD summit. The white paper encapsulates some of the best practices and the suggestions from a diverse range of experts. The white paper, which is the first of its kind on NCDs, includes input received from the five state roundtable forums with multi- stakeholder groups organized at state capitals of Rajasthan, West Bengal, Kerala, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh. Recommendations in the white paper are intended to strengthen the existing national policies and programme around diabetes management. One of the key recommendations of the white paper is to focus on building capacity of primary healthcare workforce and also introduce innovative educational tools for training like diabetes conversation maps. “

HEALTHCURSOR is the exclusive knowledge partner to ASSOCHAM for the 10th Millennium Summit, 16th January 2013, Delhi HealthCursor Consulting Group, a global healthcare strategy consulting firm submitted a report on “Innovations in Healthcare”.

The Report was unveiled by senior officials of Government of India and ASSOCHAM’s Chief Guest- Shri Pranav Mukherjee, Honourable President of India  in collaboration with ASSOCHAM and 500 copies will be distributed to the Who’s who of the healthcare industry.

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