New” is one of the strongest words in marketing. “New” invokes the belief that something is moving forward, that it is different, modern or improved. People are attracted to new products like a magnet. Introducing new products on a constant basis is the best way to get attention and is invaluable publicity for a business.

HealthCursor Healthcare Market Research houses the full range of investigative methods and a proprietary database containing over 600,000 physicians, hospital administrators, and other professionals from across the healthcare spectrum. With sophisticated survey structuring, expert moderating, and unmatched data analysis, we deliver the actionable insights you need to support your entire product lifecycle, from concept, to launch, and beyond.

We have adopted innovative market research methodologies to plan:

  • A new Product Development
  • A new Service Development

“New” is one of the strongest words in marketing.

Market Research, when used correctly in product development research, will minimize the risk of failure.New product research almost certainly will require a mixture of qualitative and quantitative research.We conduct leading-edge research to help clients create and execute consumer-centered care strategies.

Qualitative research is necessary to obtain a deep understanding of issues such as requirements and unmet needs.  It allows more freedom in exploration depending on respondents’ areas of interest. The principal research tools of qualitative research are focus groups or depth interviews, which allow questioning and probing far below the skin of the subject.

Once the needs have been understood and it is clear that there is a market for a new product, some means is required of measuring the size of demand, usage habits, attitudes to products and the likelihood of up-take of the new product.  Quantitative research now takes over and a relatively large number of structured interviews are required to provide a robust and statistically valid result.  Such quantitative research studies tend to be conducted either by telephone or online.


We specialize in conducting primary research of healthcare professionals for leading pharmaceutical and medical technology companies. We distinguish ourselves by:

  • Highly responsive execution
  • In-House, multi-lingual team of project managers, programmers, moderators and panel recruitment specialists
  • Proprietary respondent database of hundreds of thousands of physicians, hospital administrators and other professionals across a wide range of disciplines
  • Market research methodologies that cover your entire product lifecycle—from concept through launch and beyond


We offer a variety of solutions to meet your needs, including:


Custom Research

Our bespoke capabilities encompass the design and application of a wide range of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including online surveys, telephone interviews, facilitated online interviews, in-person interviews, and focus groups.

Respondent Recruiting

Rely on HealthCursor to quickly fill your research panel. Our opt-in database is comprised of 600,000+ physicians, allied health professionals, VAC and P&T influencers,hospital and healthcare executives, clinical and non-clinical department heads and administrators, and more. We can reach your target sample, large or small, under the most stringent deadlines.

Syndicated Research

Timely insights on the impact of market events, economic conditions, healthcare policies, and reimbursement initiatives on key dynamics in the medical device and capital equipment markets.