The widespread distribution of digital technology has changed the nature of marketing. Businesses are now moving away from the distribution of massive, shotgun-style email campaigns and implementing targeted efforts aimed at getting in touch with more focused demographics. The healthcare industry historically has not been keeping pace with these developments. In fact, comparative research done by BRANDFORMERS shows it is about two years behind other industries.

However, reaching and engaging today’s tech-savvy patients and physicians means digital marketing is no longer optional for hospitals/practices, insurance providers, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers or other organizations in the healthcare space.


HealthCursor explores how technology is transforming the lives of consumers across the planet, uncovering new and exciting opportunities for marketers to connect with their consumers. Covering over 55,000 regular internet users in 50 markets around the world, we along with our Partner “BRANDFORMERS” offers essential insight into the impact of the growing digital ecosystem on the media landscape. It uncovers new and exciting opportunities for marketers to connect with their consumers in this increasingly complex environment.

The best product in the world, with the best ad in the world, won’t sell as expected if that ad isn’t seen by a receptive audience. As traditional approaches to targeting struggle to cope with a changing media landscape, we reveal how a future-focused approach to identifying digital audience segments can transform results:

  • Identifying the audiences likely to spend more with a brand in the future
  • Using look-alike models to target receptive audiences at scale
  • How HealthCursor ground-breaking approach can be combined with custom audience research for precision targeting
  • How a future-focused approach to segmentation is proven to transform campaign results.

Health-care marketers like Mayo Clinic are building responsive sites that emphasize the mobile experience as consumers look for quick and easy access to wellness advice. Its pregnancy app, for example, is designed to be a companion for mothers from childbirth through their babies’ first few months. And the clinic’s patient app allows people to book appointments and access their health information.