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Today’s healthcare organizations are challenged by a changing landscape that requires a dramatic evolution of business process and technology investments. HealthCursor helps healthcare organizations design and implement business-driven technology solutions that provide instantaneous access to patient and clinical information, streamline core business processes such as eligibility, referrals and claims, and improve interactions with patients/members, physicians, administrators and partners.

Strategy Insights

Remote monitoring, Telemedicine, BAN –What works in India and what not?

In India there is this unique pattern of adoption and push that is to be understood. Over the last decade, telehealth in India has been primarily facilitated and driven by government funding. The government now has a majorpolicy initiative in mobile health. However, in pursuing the broad initiative there is a danger that some of the smaller components can get lost, and this is probably what has happened to telehealth. Many government-driven telemedicine programmes have failed to live a long life. It is no secret that these programmes do not have a successful business model and die after the government grants run out. Read More>>