HealthCursor provides specialized services for the creation, development, and implementation of innovative medical devices, diagnostics, and life science equipment. We approach every device as its own platform with a complex road map to get to market, and we make sure every product meets critical human, business, technology, manufacturing, and regulatory requirements. Are you a product company looking to enter into a new Market?  Are you looking to size the market opportunity?

HealthCursor helps you find new markets, new users and do business in new geographic segments. 

We have helped several Medical devices, Telcos, Healthcare companies expand sales through new uses for the product as well. At HealthCursor, we not only help you acquire new customer base but also adequately understand the new customer base and their needs.

Have you ever considered getting into the healthcare industry and have not known where to start? Sure you could become a therapist or a physician, but not everyone is cut out for that type of work. What are your alternatives? Well here is a great alternative, opening a healthcare facility of your own! Sounds ambitious? We’ve assisted many entrepreneurs in doing just that- opening and promoting a business that generates strong revenues and provides the time to take vacations and much more.

Drawing upon expertise from HealthCursor’s Marketing & Sales Practice, we help our clients transform their performance in areas such as marketing, consumer acquisition, customer relationship management (CRM), care management, chronic disease management, adherence, self-care, prevention, and wellness.

We serve all healthcare stakeholders, including insurers, providers, pharmacy or pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), retailers, and health authorities. We bring a complete perspective on consumer needs and experiences.

We help our clients:

  • Build comprehensive consumer strategies and shift to consumer-focused business model and mindset
  • Identify and capture the most valuable consumer segments and use new distribution channels
  • Develop growth strategies based on new consumer-oriented products and services
  • Deploy behavior change approaches in conjunction with risk-based consumer segmentation to reduce costs for payors associated with lifestyle-related conditions such as smoking and obesity
  • Identify and implement innovative approaches to engage patients and consumers to improve adherence to treatment regimens and outcomes
  • Develop tailored online health products for providers, refining their online health value proposition to better meet the preferences and needs of specific consumer segments