Enlightiks delivers scalable, agile and decision-focused insights in the hands of Healthcare providers & decision makers via our proprietary, predictive clinical and computational platform – Querent.

Platform: Querent is an advanced analytics platform, which allows you to create adaptive visualization apps with built in clinical, cognitive and statistical models. Users can build apps or use the existing apps without having to know coding or statistical/analytical models. Querent is context aware and poses questions automatically based on the data, then proceeds to solve those questions. Querent can be used as an app on the cloud (currently on AWS, planned – GCE & Azure) or could be hosted on premise.

Target Markets: The present apps are for Accountable Care Organizations, Population Health Management, Revenue Analytics & Chronic Disease Progression models for Healthcare Providers and Pricing for Retail and CPG companies.

TAM: The Healthcare Analytics market alone will reach $20.8 Billion by 2020 according to IQ4I Research and the overall Analytics & Big Data Market will reach $100 Billion.

News:Enlightiks work got covered in an Economic Times article about Brain Inspired Computing. More details at https://lnkd.in/ek5NMq3


The Digital Marketing Company- BRANDFORMERS

BrandFormers helps create better brand experiences. BF currently provides Digital Marketing services to its global customers. They formulate customized strategies for all their customers as they believe that each business is different and needs special attention to make the process successful.

Born from passion. A foundation of entrepreneurial spirit. A curiosity for advancement. The relentless urge to move your brand forward.

Formed from the need for greater effectiveness, these’re a passionate group of visionaries, technophiles, and strategists. They’re digital savvy, but channel agnostic. They’re not your typical agency. They’re low on fluff and hell bent on doing great work, because “good enough” is not in their vernacular.



BF is the only Digital Marketing agency worldwide that is powered by IBM. Through BF clients have access to best customer analytics, digital marketing platform and industry expertise. IBM serves 95% of all healthcare companies in the world.