But pursuing affordability as a goal itself is increasingly becoming a concern, particularly as regulators and policy makers push healthcare organizations to take a more comprehensive view of healthcare value.Health care is in the midst of a game-changing transformation. As technological advances allow people to live longer and stay active, government reforms, cost-saving measures, and shifting attitudes are prompting people and organizations worldwide to think about health in new ways — and set new priorities.We help clients tailor a specific set of strategic and operational approaches to drive value in their particular context. Depending on the type of organization, solutions may include the following:

  • Engaging more with consumers
  • Ensuring patients are cared for in the most cost-effective locations
  • Enabling more innovative care delivery, particularly integrated care
  • Innovating payment processes to encourage specific patient behaviors or to reward more cost-effective care delivery
  • Enforcing and shaping overarching policies
  • Redesigning networks, coverage plans, and products
  • Advocating for public policy changes

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A Doctor’s Prescription now available for less than $1- “MEDIPHONE”

Explain what the INNOVATION is about.

Innovation isn’t just about a new idea or a mere new model. It is about creating services in a sustainable but re-configured way- different from what might be expected by default. These businesses should also be able to sustain the culture of innovation progressively. For me Innovation means bringing a radical change and creating a mature network of opportunities around that change.

Describe how your innovation model is distinct from any other organization in your field?

More than just a patient-doctor intervention; this model is a natural surveillance and information source. The technology used is sophisticated enough i.e. Tele-triage algorithms to guide doctors and reduce the turnaround time for each prescription; Analytics to identify you on your second call being aware of your disease status; maintaining your health records and in-turn extracting a Health Map. The Operations follow a robust SOP for training, hiring and briefing for GPs and technicians. We learnt a lot by studying the stagnant or failed models and we have 1500 calls/day now touching a million lives.

What type of operating environment and internal organizational factors make your innovation successful?

We kept the working environment and internal organisational structure easy so much so that the service Mediphone operates as an almost distinct entity. To ensure the effectiveness of service CECC( customer care enhance center) helps the Health Officer to make judgment of symptoms.Work flow automated system help solve majority of errors through a powerful and yet easy-to-use clinical information system. EHR driven CRM helps host patient record for future references and analysis as well.

How do you make sure you constantly innovate in light of (potential) external challenges, or your growth plan?

Service is accessible to more than 200+ million Airtel users today across India, and empowers the callers to consult with doctor anytime even in wee hours. We intend to make it operator independent. The model is centralized today but as and when we grow we plan to create Hub and spoke models around this. A lot is being learnt during the last one year from the service- customer behavior, way to ask open ended questions, Training methodologies, retaining Doctors, SOPs and hence mere duplication of the idea would not a good enough start for any new company. Our partners i.e. Medibank, Fortis, HealthCursor and others are keeping an eye on some of these evolving models in other markets as well to update and switch when necessary.