HealthCursor provides end to end management services to scale business and programs worldwide. HealthCursor along with Partners apply empirical research to understand unique health requirements of a region and brings innovative health services to them.


Strategic Business Consulting

HealthCursor’s healthcare consulting business helps the healthcare community use knowledge in new ways to achieve Insight Driven Health.Our Strategy solutions help governing boards and executive leadership establish the empirical basis for evaluating multiple options and sets priorities needed to establish clinical, financial and mission sustainability.

Telehealth and Mobile Technology

Technology can help you prepare for and succeed in the future of health care. We help you decide whether or not to implement Web-based or phone-based visits, and how to best provide Telehealth services to your patients. We also help you harness mobile technology by developing custom apps to support your patients and your practice. Our services include regulatory and revenue cycle guidance on virtual and Telehealth implementation, as well as privacy and security support.

Our mHealth services :


mHealth plan development

– Developing an mHealth plan that addresses investment requirements, reimbursement opportunities, cost savings, implementation strategies and timelines.

– Using mobile devices and capabilities to streamline care coordination

– Evaluating needs based on different care settings and caregivers.

– Creating security policies to protect data on mobile devices and communication between devices.

– Developing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and practices including integration needs and HIPAA/HITECH compliance requirements

mHealth in patient care settings

– Analyzing workflows, identify resource needs and technology considerations.

– Developing and implementing strategies for collaborating with post-acute facilities, physician practices, home health organizations, and other sub-acute care providers.

Patient engagement plan

– Integrating remote monitoring apps and devices.

– Developing Patient portal strategy.

– Secure messaging between patients and providers, eVisits, and telemedicine capabilities.

– Ensuring compliance with post-discharge clinical care plans.

Integrating mHealth technology

Integrating your mHealth solutions with the EHR, care coordination systems, HIEs, population health databases, and other medical devices.

Business Intelligence and Analytics strategy

– Creating mHealth-enabled clinical decision support.

– Integrating mHealth data with clinical data warehouses.

– Developing reports and dashboards using mHealth data



Our strategic insights are fuelled by our participation in the world’s most coveted Innovation panels pertaining to Healthcare. Since 2009, HealthCursor Leadership has been a Co-Juror and mentor at several such events including GSMA’s MWC and Best mHealth Innovation awards, HIMSS Innovation Community, ASHOKA Changemakers, HERO awards in healthcare etc.Each year sees new techniques, approaches, methodologies and initiatives which have the potential to redefine the way we view the industry. The winning innovation could be an incremental change in something already established in the sector or an altogether a fresh and genuine innovation. Its impact should be apparent and, at the very least, it should enhance the value of market or social research to clients and make a measurable difference to their success.

Strategy Insights

Telecom companies helping Healthcare Innovation reach to masses-Deploying telecom solutions in various geographies and complying with local regulations, legal framework has enabled operators understand the local customer and their needs. Partnering with operators will enable organizations deliver specific solutions that meet local customer needs.Already, Mobile operators have tremendous influence and strong relationships with handset manufacturers, and they should leverage this position to bring to market phones and other devices that can provide the mHealth and other mobile services consumers in developing countries need.