HealthCursor technology and information strategy consultants take an objective top management approach to supporting executives at healthcare organizations on technology and performance transparency issues. We partner with our clients to enhance IT strategy and group performance, increase technology enablement of key business functions such as finance and marketing, promote clinical performance transparency, and help healthcare executives get the most from their IT and analytics investments.

The proliferation of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices and the increasing demand for connectivity among all these devices has greatly influenced the healthcare industry. Medical devices used for applications like patient monitoring and data storage/transfer are now being integrated with wireless technologies. These mobile medical devices are an extension of the portable medical devices, having incorporated wireless communication capabilities (cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, ANT+ and so on).

System Integrators

Thanks to the semiconductor development, consumers can now buy pulse oximeters, blood pressure meters under $50

Important to most patient-monitoring systems is ensuring the data integrity, as well as mobility and system flexibility. Wi-Fi™ and Ethernet are interfaces that allow hospitals to network all of their facility equipment, in addition to connecting to a patient’s home. Caregivers can now connect to a patient remotely when the patient wears a wireless body sensor network. This can be done using the hospital’s internal network or links to the patient’s home security system, aggregation manager, or even a cell phone.

Semiconductors have enabled medical electronic device reductions in size, cost and power consumption while boasting significant increases in overall performance. “Thanks to the semiconductor development, consumers can now buy pulse oximeters, blood pressure meters, blood glucose meters and bathroom scales for well under $50. HealthCursor works with semiconductor companies to define, design and visualise affordability, quality, portability and durability in complex medical and lab procedures.

HealthCursor has helped healthcare organizations deploy performance management tools and enhanced analytics across the enterprise and for key functions, increasing transparency and allowing managers to identify new market opportunities as well as target areas for improvement.