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In the 21st century, business success is not a question of ruthless efficiency driving, but of unleashing human brilliance to inspire innovation.


A 47 years old Bangladeshi woman with Type II diabetes looks at her phone, well there is the alarm ringing! What notification is this? She sees a notification on her app stating a message from her doctor– “Noticed rise in blood sugar”, and is advised to inject 6 units of rapid-acting insulin straight away.


A teenager in Uganda struggling with recent depression is asked to answer a few random questions and based on his responses is directed to connect with his therapist online who is 970 miles away.


A GP opens up a new record for a patient complaining stomach ache and is rushed to an intensive care unit to administer a medication when an alert pops up on the hospital’s electronic health record interface – “Do not administer – the patient has an allergic reaction.”


These scenarios represent real ways in which digital technology is transforming how patients and providers monitor and engage healthcare across the globe. We work for that bit of healthcare with diverse stakeholders (Healthcare providers, Payors, Pharma, Medical Device, development and impact organizations) across the value chain that makes health more accurate, effective and value-driven.

Strategic Business


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Product and Service Innovation

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#Telehealth and #eHealth Technology

Technology can help you prepare for and succeed in the future of healthcare. We help you decide whether or not to implement Web-based or phone-based visits, and how to best provide Telehealth services to your patients. We also help you harness mobile technology by developing custom apps to support your patients and your practice. Our services include regulatory and revenue cycle guidance on virtual and Telehealth implementation, as well as privacy and security support.


#Digital Health Strategy

We help you discover and define the opportunities digital delivers in achieving your business objectives.  From identifying digital health product opportunities to business model design, from navigating the regulatory environment to defining a commercialization plan, we deliver innovative strategies that are readily actionable. Specialized areas include:


● Strategic Marketing of Digital Health Innovation


● Target Markets and Stakeholder Analysis


● Product Due Diligence and Go-to-Market Strategy


● Growth Strategy and Business Development


● International Market Analysis and Strategy


#Digital Marketing

Hospitals are dealing with consumers who are remarkably smart, demanding transparency and two-way communication from their healthcare providers.” To appeal to this these consumers, healthcare marketers need to adopt digital marketing tactics. This include:


  • An Easy-to-Navigate Website

  • An Informational Blog

  • Resourceful Emails

  • Videos That Educate and Inspire

  • Strong SEO Attributes

  • Engaging Social Media Strategy


#Biz Strategy & Planning

  • Business Planning

  • Start-up Evaluation

  • Brand & Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy Review

  • Marketing Plan & Collateral Review

  • Organizational Structure Review

  • Social Media Strategy


Consumers now prefer to do research before visiting a doctor. This means that in addition to doctors, consumers do tend to turn to the internet for some second opinion or advice. Healthcare has turned into a collaborative sector where consumers trust several options before making a final decision. So, a digital marketing effort to take care of the online presence and other options is a great way to satisfy that requirement.


Digital marketing gives ease of technology to the healthcare industry by extending its service to local and remote areas. Adding an innovative approach helps to build the brand by throwing a positive impact on visitors and enhancing their market revenue goal.



#Product & Content Strategy

  • Product Development

  • Product Management

  • Market Analysis & Market entry

  • Roadmap + Incubation + Rollout

  • Creating the execution plan

  • Distribution & Strategic Alliances

#Technology & Product Evaluation

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Technology Evaluation & Position Papers

  • Project Plan Review

  • Product Incubation

  • Technology Appraisal

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#Artificial #Intelligence #Predictive #Analytics #Blockchain #Knowledge graphs in #Healthcare

All these new technologies that enhance your vision by unveiling the unseen. We help you utilize these technologies for the best probable use case. HCG has done an incredible amount of work in/with patient care settings, Healthcare insurance, Population health, Development organizations across the world creating best practices and bringing inorganic growth to companies.



Our experience in connectivity, big data, machine learning, and digital services means we are ideally placed to help our clients seize the huge and disruptive opportunities these create to improve patient outcomes.

Affordable & Sustainable Healthcare


Healthcare systems worldwide are under immense pressure to deliver cost-effective, value-based care to an aging population, often beset with complex lifestyle-related chronic illnesses. 

Sustainability requires a shift in focus from episodic to continuous care, where patients monitor their health and co-manage their treatment remotely. 

We help healthcare companies develop digital health solutions that leverage recent advancements in connectivity and data science for competitive advantage. 


Blood Pressure Exam

Market Research

Market Analysis

Scientific Content writing

Writing on Tablet
Science Lab Student

The main objective of HIA is to apply existing knowledge and evidence about health impacts, to specific social and community contexts, to develop evidence-based recommendations that inform decision-making in order to protect and improve community health and wellbeing. Because of financial and time constraints, HIAs do not generally involve new research or the generation of original scientific knowledge. ​



HIA is a process that identifies how a project, policy or program might influence the health of a population, in both beneficial and adverse ways. 



Stakeholder engagement is an integral component of any Health Impact Assessment and is a keystone for other decision-making processes that require an understanding of multiple stakeholder perspectives.  


The healthcare industry – at its fundamental level – is about serving people and providing care. People are the heart of the end services, and the best, most proven way to understand people is by talking to people – using qualitative market research methodologies. Many hospitals and healthcare technology companies employ surveys, but surveys alone simply aren’t enough to get at the core of how people look for healthcare providers, what people experience while receiving care, and how healthcare products and technology are used and work.

Here are a few techniques that we employ in the healthcare setting to conduct people-to-people market research.


  1.  In-depth interviews in healthcare settings

  2.  Ethnographic research in healthcare settings 

  3.  Focus groups in healthcare settings 


As the healthcare industry becomes more specialized, streamlined, and consolidated, companies are increasingly looking for ways to improve service and add tailored-products. Market research – qualitative market research – relies on person-to-person interview and observation techniques, making it the most effective way to understand how people use and consumer products and services.


New #Market #Entry & #Development

We call ourselves, "Growth Hackers". “A growth hacker is someone who has thrown out the playbook of traditional marketing and replaced it with only what is testable, trackable, and scalable. "


HealthCursor helps you find new markets, new users and do business in new geographic segments.HealthCursor provides specialized services for the creation, development, and implementation of innovative digital health products, services, business models and works with a variety of stakeholders in the healthcare value chain to deliver strategic value. Are you a product company looking to enter a new Market?  Are you looking to size the market opportunity?

Our services include: 


  • Market Intelligence - perform in-depth market research and analysis to help guide market entry strategy and decision making.

  • Site Selection - assist in selecting the most appropriate location for your international expansion project.

  • Market Entry Strategy - develop and execute a market entry strategy that works best for your business and the target market you want to enter.

  • Company Formation - establishing a legal entity, setting up a local office, and assistance hiring local staff.

  • Business Development - identification of potential customers, creating new contacts, searching for distribution channels and partners, and introduction to third-party service providers including freight forwarders, translation companies, law firms, accountants, and banks.

  • Marketing & Promotion - providing ongoing marketing communications and public relations support to help strengthen your company's brand and positioning.


#Content based #Marketing

Innovative Medical and Healthcare #content writing services

After completing over a decade in Healthcare consulting, HealthCursor is now providing Medical content services to all its clients across the globe. When we talk about medical and healthcare content, having a subject matter expert who understands the recent trends and the industry well makes a difference. Well written articles not only help set the right image for your brand and also portray scientificness and authenticity of your work in the healthcare industry.


Healthcursor’s certified writer’s team comprises of professional experts with years of experience in the healthcare industry across the world in areas of DigitalHealth, healthcare IT, wellness, Fitness, Disease management, etc. Coupled with the company’s unparalleled expertise in marketing and SEO, we bring the best results for your brand.


With our team, you’re giving your business a competitive edge that you won’t get with any other writing service available.

HCG will invest its resources and time to acquaint us with your product, your target market, content needs and marketing plan and it shows in our results. Our writing team is prepared to work within your schedule and your vision to produce quality content that meets your needs.


Whether it’s online or print marketing materials you need, you’ll be provided with informative and engaging health content written to your exact specifications.

All of our content is 100% unique and original, and we can work within the confines of any marketing or SEO campaign – even if you’re working with another company. We provide custom content for any writing project, including:


  1. Patient education materials

  2. Medical/healthcare articles

  3. Company Newsletters

  4. Flyers, brochures, and posters/Print or online advertisements

  5. Scientific Journals/ Whitepaper/ Specialised content (Oncology, Clinical Trials)

  6. Press releases

  7. Healthcare Business Blogs (IT solutions, Insurance, Market trends, Brand communication)

  8. Podcasts

  9. Surveys (User/Consumer, TG)

  10. Healthcare Magazines, Tabloids etc.


We also provide content on subscription like Health tips, Health videos (Diseases, Anatomy, Drug interactions), Educational content etc. By leveraging our experience in healthcare, digital and print marketing, and SEO, we’re able to provide content that converts better and brings you more business.


To know more write to us with your needs. Every need is different and we provide the best solution for your company needs.


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