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Building Ventures

We build successful Digital Health businesses using the venture studio model, which allows us to compress the amount of time it takes to turn a company idea into a product.

Sharing Ideas

Idea to Execution

The HCG IDEALABS team is purpose-built to conceive, build, and launch new software companies from scratch. We’re experienced founders, product leaders, marketers, engineers, and health professionals.


Our company turns your idea into a solid value proposition based on the facts and a plan on how to turn it into a flourishing and independent company in a matter of just 20 weeks. 

Core Activities

Our Core activities include:

  • Identifying business ideas

  • Create teams from the ground up

  • Facilitate access to capital

  • Help lead the ventures (Governance & Management)

  • Provide shared services

There are also two important activities that we pursue and only a venture builders pursue this, i.e.employing a methodology of entrepreneurship, and providing talent to the ventures.

Office Meeting
Business Presentation

From Pre-Seed to Exit

Enrol in our course

Our Pre-seed to Exit programme is designed for entrepreneurs looking to gain hands-on experience in:

  •  Developing a investable Business plan 

  •  Identifying resources and Business's financial situation.

  •  Using our venture development framework, assess and develop your venture

  •  Identifying the right investor, right funding amount as per the development stage of the new venture

  •  Developing an effective pitch deck to secure funding

How are we different?

 All our ideas are developed in-house, and teams are built from the ground up.


We have a venture builder’s relationship with our ventures. Our relationship with our ventures is long term. We are deeply involved with the startups we produce up until they exit.

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