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Ruchi VD,

Managing Director

Dr. Ruchi is an award-winning Physician and a highly valued public speaker and has delivered presentations at globally recognized events including the World Economic Forum and TED. 


Dr. Ruchi is a Fellow at Royal Society of Medicine, UK and has completed Postgraduate programs at Georgia Institute of Technology(Health Informatics), USA; Duke Fuqua School of Business(Healthcare Entrepreneurship), USA

Anurag Kumar, Vice President 

Anurag serves at HCG as a VP for the Consulting business and brings with him a deep understanding of data, digital and programmatic advertising and results-driven strategies that will inform and engage senior decision makers on marketing and data solutions that think outside the box and surpass their KPIs.


Anurag has contributed to the company by identifying emerging and new business opportunities by staying on top of industry news and trends.


Over his long stint at HCG, Praveen showed great potential in understanding our customers' unique business needs and develop creative solutions that leverage the existing knowledge bank at HCG.

Dr. BrijMohan, Partner

Brij is a Product and Technology Leader with broad healthcare domain experience developing solutions for providers/hospitals, payers and patients. Dr. Brij is a board certified Cardiologist and apt at providing day to day leadership to the Health Management advisory team at HCG and help payers, providers, and pharmacies control medical costs, maximize revenues, and improve quality.


He is responsible for the development of marketable and relevant advisory practice offerings in the Health Management functions of payers, and collaborate with Clients and technology partners to drive the growth of sales.


Proven ability to lead and grow teams of up to 150 product & technology professionals and manage budgets exceeding $20MM for high-growth organizations.

Senior Management

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Vicky BMD, Director

Vicky is a thought leader in Pharmacy retail, Healthcare CPG, retail, e-commerce ande-healthcare business models. He is a nationally recognized expert on business strategy, customer service, Online sales, and marketing.


With over thirteen years of experience in the Indian and European markets beginning in the trenches of retail and extending to senior management positions in technology-driven healthcare projects, he has been a corporate officer, franchisor and entrepreneur.

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Deep Mohan, Director

Deep possesses 18+ yrs of Global experience in Consulting and Corporate L&D. Deep is responsible for L&D for the Corporate Human Resources at Healthcursor.

Deep has developed and monitored strategies that strengthen organizational health and contribute to a positive culture, including increased performance and engagement for all HCG employees.


Since 2008, Deep is leading Leadership Development team at IT majors, Retail, Healthcare and Hospitality industries. 


Claire Right, Head Legal

 Claire has over 10 years of experience as a trusted advisor and Chief Legal counsel for the Digital Industries and Smart Infrastructure Operating Companies as well as all Portfolio Companies on all upcoming legal topics related to their business across the world.

Claire has been associated with Fortune 500 companies for the implementation of legal processes required to benefit the privileges, obligations, and rights of the organization.


"A fool with a tool is still a fool."

HCG brings together expertise from Transformation Consulting, global health experience, pharma insights, and digital technology expertise.


The digital health industry continues to lead the world in terms of innovation and investment. Digital technologies are increasingly able to improve quality and efficiency and make prevention, diagnosis, and treatment more effective, personalized and precise.

To realize the real potential of disruption, there is the need to adapt to a shifting health landscape and overcome the vulnerabilities of cost, security, engagement, and integration. Investment and cooperation, together with clear frameworks and business models, are crucial to harnessing the power of digital solutions to bring value to healthcare. 


We help healthcare companies develop digital health solutions that leverage recent advancements in connectivity and data science for competitive advantage. Read More>

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