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Pioneer #DigitalHealth Consulting Firm

Healthcursor Consulting Group is a premium consulting firm, providing specialist support to Your Organisation's #DigitalHealth Strategy. We help healthcare companies develop digital health solutions that leverage recent advancements in connectivity and data science for competitive advantage.HCG's network spans over 21 countries, helping SMEs, large conglomerates and government organizations with our advisory services.

From the back office to the doctor's office, we help clients deliver more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare with Insight Driven Health. The healthcare industry is challenged to become more affordable, effective and accessible in an environment of rapid change and complexity. The successful healthcare enterprise of the future will be digitally enabled, consumer-centric and have a flexible operating model.


#Digital health technologies are transforming healthcare, promising patients, physicians, providers and payers better data, lower costs and higher quality. Electronic health records, physician tablets, remote monitoring devices and a host of other tools will disrupt traditional industry practices but offer great advantages to the early adopters.

HCG recently worked in the area of Genomic medicine that is attempting to build individualized strategies for diagnostic or therapeutic decision-making by utilizing patients’ genomic information. We applied #Big Data analytics to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, and other insights by examining large-scale various datasets. While integration and manipulation of diverse genomic data and comprehensive electronic health records (EHRs) on a Big Data infrastructure exhibited several challenges, they also provided a feasible opportunity to develop an efficient and effective approach to identify clinically actionable genetic variants for individualized diagnosis and therapy. 


Digital Health 100 LOGO 2020.jpg

2020 Global Digital Health 100 honour

The annual Global Digital Health 100 is one of the HealthTech industry’s foremost technology award programmes, celebrating innovation and entrepreneurship. It recognises and supports health technology companies that are demonstrating the greatest potential to change the way that healthcare is delivered. We are honoured to receive this recognition. 

At HealthCursor we launched IDEA LABS, An initiative to launch sustainable innovations in Healthcare. The main focus is on Women and Child Health but innovations in other fields are also welcome. You can join as an Innovator, Angel investor, Fund Raiser, Volunteer, and Mentor. If you wish to be a part of this mission. Join us.

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